On Congestion and Vanilla

This past weekend was very interesting.  I experienced my final Preaching Ambassador trip ( a program at my school where students go out and preach on weekends for ministry experience).  It was such a simple thing, but it represents a major shift in focus for me because now my focus of ministry is changing from ‘travelling preacher’ to ‘pastor’.  It will not be much longer before I take on my first pastoral position.

I’m not sure how I should feel about this, and so many things are going on right now that I do not even know where to begin with a blog post.  I thought that buying myself a couple extra days would help clear my mind, but it looks like I won’t be posting anything super interesting this time.  I’ll try again for my next post on Friday, but this just goes to show that I’m just as limited in my abilities as anyone else.


I will say this, though.  Every single one of us is constantly being used by God whether we know it or not. What looks like our mundane actions or our uninteresting conversations become tools that are used to build His Kingdom.  It amazes me how the simple things others have done (that many don’t even remember doing) have made such a strong impact on my life.  Rarely have the big events, the influential people, or the emotionally-charged moments been life-changing for me.  No, it is in the ordinary and the everyday that makes the biggest differences in our lives.  After all, Jesus was born to a peasant and placed in a feeding trough. 

Rejoice the typical, and celebrate the ordinary.